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i txt there4 i am > or <

Whose voice is heard in txting?
Seems like the zen question of a tree falling in the woods; If you dont hear it, did it make a sound?
Young people voice they would 'rather text the whole time cos feels whole lot more comfortable.'
And YL says they need to be relevant and where the young people are.
The policy says Counsellors should encourage texters and emailers to call the youth helpline, engage in face to face counselling or seek support from an appropriate referral. Counsellors are not to engage in in-depth conversation via text. After a maximum of five to six texts the counsellor should dis-engage from the text conversation, letting the caller know that they cannot continue to fully discuss the issue via text and that Youthline would be happy to support the caller more fully over the phone.
There are different performance espoused here.
There are also differences in the enactments.

With investigating textual innovations made possible using digital media Teemu Ikonen discusses the manipulation of text as an integral variable separating digital literature from printed literature.
In poetry in motion, Teemu Ikonen (2003) argues that the distinction between digital and print media is indefinite. He points to Brian Kim Stefans' Dreamlife of letters as an example of the non static text mode provoking meaning.
For counselling too, perhaps there are possibilities where the medium reshapes.
A further playful example in being shaped is described in the UK Guardian, Winning text poems:

2001 winner Hetty Hughes:

txtin iz messin,
mi headn'me englis,
try2rite essays,
they all come out txtis.
gran not plsed w/letters shes getn,
swears i wrote better
b4 comin2uni.
&she's african

2002 winner Emma Passmore:

I left my pictur on th ground wher u walk
so that somday if th sun was jst right
& th rain didnt wash me awa
u might c me out of th corner of yr i & pic me up

Cute and quirky. Hmmm. Meaningful? Arguable.
Emotionally provocative, I think so. A subjective appreciation.

In texting, I'm shaped; constrained, contained, and constructed.
I proclaim myself ^-^ winner 2008

a persn
takes f it
makn meanin
i b thinkin

Julian Bleecker provides an example on who is heard informed by Latour and Haraway. Active, worldly participants that communicate meaning are not limited to people. Referring to Pigeons that Blog, he describes a blog effectively updated accepting info via a flock of birds loaded with GPS and environmental sensors for pollutants. The info is sent to and accepted into a google mashup making info available on request.
Whose voice tells the story? Non human actors to non human actors about info human actors cannot see but might want to...
The person who set up the possibilities, wrote the software, the GPS provider, the internet service provider (IPS)....the pigeons... the list goes on and on.
Some human and non-human beings create data, providing a message that may or may not be useful.
The medium/s continue to shape the message/s, and the messenger.

In blogging, the robotic slime that targets my blog for buying/selling things from theses to viagra etc etc, have resulted in my behavioural changes. I adapt to forestall such advances, I rant then electronically set limits. I too am shaped and shaping. the trolling slime will work around such barriers.
I am annoyed that I seem to trust a little less. I become a little more technologically savvy setting up limitations. And I am a little less accessible.
More and less.

I place my thinking here, chronologically saved so i need not monitor time or dates. Outsourcing my memory. I allow spelling errors to be picked up electronically. Arguably, I have deskilled myself. I hesitate to describe myself as domesticated by the machinery I use; instead I accept myself as a hybrid (ref Latour) and choose cyborg (Haraway). Electronically enhanced.

More or less human?

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