Wednesday, January 31, 2007

C@' (catastrophe)

I have just discovered the catastrophic wonders of acute circulatory overload to lower limbs in walking 18km on hilly terrain in approx 26C heat in training for Oxfams trailblazer 100km in 36 hrs. The scalding type of rash around the ankles, a form of cellulitis referred to as golfers vasculitis. This looks angry and ugly, but settles quickly over a couple of days. I had thought it indicative of my own level of physical neglect and found it oddly comforting when other team members were similarly afflicted. C@' as a team is committed to raising $2000 for Oxfam (so not only do we get the joys of personal and team accomplishment, it actually makes a difference in the world. You can follow the endeavours of team C@' on our Oxfam webpage (donating is optional). A special thanks to Carol for showing global interest.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Educational iatrogenisis

A stand against wikipedia is headline news in Inside higher ed. Here it is reported that the history department of Middlebury college has banned the use of wikipedia.
The blanket decision seems to me to be an exercise in hammering.
I want to cry for freedom in education, not so that people are disadvantaged by being subject to misinformation (which btw is also present in text and journals) but the primary purpose of education is (in my considered opinion) to encourage thinking and to share knowledge. What irony for an educational institution to tell people what they can or cant cite, read ... think. The dwarfing of thinking is an abusive act for an educational institution to engage in.
Is there a word for institutionalised education induced dysfunction?
Educational iatrogenesis?
Feel free to contribute alternate possibilities.