Saturday, June 13, 2020

Learning and teaching online in higher ed, a reflective account durind covid related times

I've just been rereading Neil Selwyn (2016)  and am reminded "We need to change the conversations that academics have about technology  in  higher education."

I sat through a Faculty meeting yesterday where blended seemed to be a dirty word.  
Reminds of my mid last century schooling when the ballpoint pen was going to ruin my penmanship and also of  how texting would be the ruination of the English language.  

Worth noting is i was only rereading Selwyn because it came up on a google feed that assumed i might be interested. Deux ex machina  comes down to algorithms. 

 And viewing   this   online  i see the algorithms of destruction might well  be ingrained....  there.  is.  something. seriously    wrong   with   the spacing. today.