Wednesday, April 01, 2020

higher education and the risky business of teaching

I am involved in a risky business, one that spans the capacity for crushing hopes dreams and spirits, to one that would help people to live lives aspiring to all that they can be (and nothing less).
therein lies massive privilige and a duty of care.

When i look back on my own learning there's been a lot of soul crushing destroying stuff.
I am lucky though for i did go on to learn that learning could be different to this.

Palker Palmer suggests be reckless, be one ever died saying im glad for being self serving.
Grow instead
Value failure as much as success
Dont cling to what you know, it is the path of an unknowing mind
 everyone has a shadow, but when you can say i am all of this it means embracing brokeness as an integral part of your life. Similarly for students. Learning is about having the courage to unlearn and learn iteratively.

If you are going to go on to live an unexamined life, please choose a vocation that does not involve working with others