Monday, March 30, 2020

Going online with care

Going online with all learning and teaching fast versus going online at a more considered pace.

There's the two-minute noodle version versus what you get when you take things more slowly; what you get from the garden, the artisan bread maker,  the love and tenderness of home cooking.
This post is about more than the first and less than the second.

This is more than a fast transit. Having adjusted to need, this is a more contemplative blog about what informs the choice to be online and to do this joyfully because it’s got a lot going for it.

The most often cited reason for online is the anytime, anywhere access for learning and teaching.
The plus side of this is learners  don’t have to learn from just one person or one body of knowledge
The connectivity of the medium is the point rather than I can do it here or there, now or later. To use the media for what it’s best for, leverage the capacity to connect.

What makes a 'good' online course is the same as in any course, it is the ability to connect. Working with what might be a new medium provides a nudge toward consciously thinking about how this might be enhanced deliberately.


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