Monday, September 30, 2013

Write an academic paper in 7 days; 2nd attempt

i am on a writing scholarship where the committment is 3 papers in 3 months; i am in my second month.

Last month's goal was met; though the 7 day wonder wasnt. I remain, however, hopeful.

The best resource i found last month was Thomson and Kamlers (2013) Writing for peer reviewed journals. The tiny text based on the abstract made it very explicit where i was up to at any one time.

This month my intention is a conference paper that i also hope to submit as a journal article.
I have 4 more days to write the paper.
The abstract is written.

I have based it on Guggenheim's argument that to to write academically may betray the subject.
i have taken this a step further.
To write in academicese about txting betrays not just the form of the subject written of, but also those whose activities i engaged with.

It is therefore being crafted in txt spk.

Today i have not progressed it much; i have instead been foraging in literatures of textuality and identity; and in discourses of conformity, colonization and oppression.

I had naively believed that i would be writing of what was in my thesis, and yet there is more literature i find i am needing to call on.

However: Back to the plan.
The direction is an 8 page document with an abstract of 350-400 words.
Todays, and yesterday's goal: Write the abstract and turn this into a 'tiny text' = a map for the paper.


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    hi, I just came across your blog via a search for tiny text (already familiar with thesis whisperer) and i just wantd to let you know i appreciate you jotting down the process here. was searching for some tips for my honours students (and well just to remind myself really off the process of writing). Would be interested to see how you are going here with writing in txtspk. Good point re writing in academia and the betrayal of the subjects (in many senses of the word). My students are trying to write exegetical material - its a similar challenge....They can't fall into the trap of trying to justify or explicate their work - Leonie Cooper

  2. leonie cooper1:18 AM

    i don't usually ask this but as i have no idea who you are:) and your work/research/approach sounds interesting feel free to dop me a line.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Leonie, have replied by email also. I am finding it challenging as academic audiences- or my beliefs about them- seem to be forcing me into a lot of justification.
    Much as I would like an article that could brazenly stand alone I have not the confidence, yet, that it would be accepted. Maybe by the end of the month I will? Maybe the writing it in is in part to convince myself in finding this other voice.

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