Friday, April 05, 2013

out of the blue and into the black. Another surreal phd moment

In the life of Pi there is a sadness when the externalized aspect of Pi leaves without so much as a goodbye.
The end of a PhD feels like this. There are so many anticlimactic points that celebrating anyone of them always feels odd, always there is another slightly higher bar to jump over.

A very very long time ago, near the start of this i did an oxfam trailblazer walk....i recall the number of fences that would still need climbing despte seeing an end in sight. These extra effort hurdles feel like killers. None alone would be problematic, the killer is having done what feels like walking through the night for forever to reach such a point.
I did not finish the oxfam 100km walk. i decided the challenge was about completion and knowing when was enough. i am pleased i projected this onto the walk and not the thesis.

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