Friday, February 15, 2013

Improving on the blank page. PhD writing

So much of my phd time was spent getting words on the page, and then so much was spent in editing down...improving on the blank page is a struggle. I have looked at fabrics and thought to myself why did they writing a similar refrain might be heard. The blank page might have been, and might still be, an improvement.

Advice to young poets by Niccanor Parra

Write as you will
in whatever style you like
too much blood has run under the bridge
to go on believing one road is right.
In poetry everything is permitted.
With only this condition of course
You have to improve on the blank page.

And so i do,

but i have seen enough fabrics ruined,
to have confidence in whether, or not, what i have done might be valued by others.

Meantime i continue to hope phd examiners do not see my writing as ruination, or that the blank page might have been better.

Informed by actor-network it is not just the words of text that might are matters of concern, each word is itself an amalgamation of processes that got it to this space. The text itself having come from a meaning associated with textiles, of printing and cloth. Then each word required some semblance of a stable meaning, a shared projection from those who read for it to carry a message. That a message sits on ink or cloth, on stone or papyrus or vellum; all bring difference to the message, as does a digital message.
In every rendition the meaning is the message as McLuhan claimed.

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