Thursday, August 23, 2012

moving toward a post-doc life

This is the synopsis provided in
How to create a journal article from a thesis
Author:Kathy Ahern
Source:Nurse Researcher. 19.4 (July 2012): p21.

Box 2 Steps to producing an article for a journal

* Dozens of references do not necessarily impress an editor unless
these references are relevant to your article and target audience
(Johnson 1992, 1996, Bowen 2010).

* Avoid presenting a summary of the dissertation or thesis (Johnson
1992, Bowen 2010).

* Limit descriptions of informed consent and other ethical issues.
Keep discussions to a concise statement regarding the institutional
review board or ethics committee (Bowen 2010).

* Focus the topic so it addresses the concerns of journal
readership (Johnson 1996, Kekale et al 2009, Bowen 2010, McConnell

* Rewrite and update the literature review (Johnson 1996, Garry
2007). Edit the demographics and methods section. Keep the
literature and theoretical framework to a minimum (Johnson 1996,
Kekale et al 2009, Bowen 2010).

* Identify one dimension or outcome to report (Johnson 1992, Bowen

* Establish a clear topic with a strong opening sentence to entice
the reader into the article. (McConnell 2010). Write a conclusion
that reflects the topic in the title and introduction (McConnell

* Include only the charts and tables needed by the reader to
understand the topic of the paper (Johnson 1992, 1996, Kekale et al

* Incorporate truncated quotes and more summative statements in
qualitative papers (Bowen 2010).

* Emphasise clinical application of the research (Johnson 1992,
1996, Kekale et al 2009, Bowen 2010, McConnell 2010).

* Adhere to journal referencing, style and length requirements
(Johnson 1996, Bowen 2010, McConnell 2010).

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