Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me and my significant other (PhD)

Spicing up my relationship with my thesis
OK you dont want to do the research i did to get here, googling this is seedy. But here's the list i managed:

Make a date
Do it somewhere else (cafe writing)
Focus on what brought you together, reminisce on the highlights
Dont focus on the big O... make the journey pleasurable
Get a book about new positions... (read as new ways to approach that chapter)
Have time alone and time together (will i ever come back if i spend time alone)
Dont come to it tired
Experiment: clothe it differently - talk/write in a different voice, role play...
Fantasize the future; practice introducing yourself as Dr....plan a honeymoon .... the graduation party... play dressups Find out what your regalia will be, imagine self appropriately attired.

Ok, none of those quite did it for me (today)
So its PhD tough love time:
set the parameters
check in every day
make a compulsory 20 mins together with no distraction commitment

Please, keep it seemly, but if you have further suggestions, please add them here, i need them.


  1. I like it!

    Sometimes there is a third person in this relationship - and it sometimes feels crowded, but commitment means, at times, ignoring those others and being a one thesis girl!

  2. Thanks Lizit,
    Commitment is the current struggle, and it is not because ive anyone else to take his/her place.

  3. Get a cheering committee that holds you accountable (did you work on your thesis today?). I had family and colleagues. Whenever I didn't work on my dissertation, my kids would would say, "I'm disappointed in you, Mom." Payback for my nagging of them.

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  5. Love this post! It really is like a relationship that needs a bit of fresh new approaches sometimes ;)

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