Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Phd writing, while im lost in the funhouse will the markers see moonwalking bears?

I set myself a goal of two chapters in two months.
333 words a day would have done it.
And all i had to do was describe the research method, and say what i have done.
Should have been a walk in the park.

But life gets in the way.
There was christmas, new year, taxi driving....
i had allowed 10 days of down time acrosss Dec/Jan. But its now the 11th of Jan and while one chapters done, the next is barely begun.
Finishing a chapter required some time for mulling it over, for reshaping a little, and for polishing...
And the new chapter, needed restarting a few times while i worked out a way of entering into it. And then there is an iterative process of too'ing and thro'ing with previous chapters to make its niche, and to ensure what is said is said but once, and well.
Actually this is a bit of a problem, feels repetitive to me.
And I am forever curious about what markers will think...I fear they may miss what's important while stuck in there own grooves of what they want to see.
They just might miss the bear moonwalking...

So I'm back to being in Barthes 'funhouse' and being my own funhouse architect, I really should have an idea where the door is.
But it has a life of its own, its taken mine :(

Nonetheless, i have found a way in to this chapter.
Im in it, Ive drawn a path for the reader to accompany me on tracing through everything i did up to this point.
I have scared myself when realizing my data is getting a bit old, being collected in 2007-2008...

And am beginning to think it might be time to turn off the internet, tweetdeck, facebook, emails...and bring on

Or alternately, writeordie for fixed time periods.


  1. Hi ailsa you are not alone, I am here with you. Writing is not a straight forward affair. But don't stop writing. Write or perish. What ever you do keep on writing. I need to take this advice as well. When in a rot take up books like 'Writing Up Qualitative Research' by harry walcott.

  2. Thanks LeRoyh, am not stopping the writing :)
    just wish it was more steps forward in proportion to the steps i then take back.
    I have found myself in an area i always knew was coming , but is such a big area Im going to save it for a post doc life. Now i just hav to decide whats enough for now.

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