Sunday, April 25, 2010

tweeting is such sweet sorrow
Romeo and Juliet retold in real time on twitter.
Just goes to show what emotive content can be invoked in 160 characters:
I'm <3ing it

"Leave your window open tonight because tomorrow I'm going to wake you up with a kiss. =) See you tomorrow xx "

":) Ill see you in my dreams! And when i feel your kiss I'll know im no longer dreaming! SO much love! See you on the morrow :) xxx"

Its a five week performance, of “tweets” - Twitter updates which may be thoughts, messages, links or confessions - of Romeo, Juliet and four other characters .

Provided by a Twitter-stream of six actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The actors write their actual tweets themselves, using the rich backgrounds the writers have given them, along with a detailed diary that tells them where their characters are at any one moment of the adventure- what they are feeling, who they are with, who they want to talk to.

This may be as ordinary as telling us what they had for breakfast or as remarkable as announcing a deep, deep love.

And it all takes place as it would in real life.

To catch up, look at the Live Timeline and The Story So Far on this Such Tweet Sorrow site - also look out for events in the storyline that you can join in...

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