Monday, March 01, 2010

Wordled Summary of the Phd

phd summary gets wordled Wordle: phd summary


  1. Oohhhh that looks just like my wordle... well almost... tis so cute how all those words blur and interconnect...

  2. Thanks for sharing this - I like the fact that 'Wordled' is a word! These visualisations provide a useful overview of a piece of text, but I'd like to see the development of visual tools which describe the interconnectedness of these terms; how each are related to others in terms of frequency, hierarchy and semantic relationship. This would create a highly complex visual rendering that could be genuinely considered as an analytical tool.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sue and Andy. I'd been reading an article by Ursula Plesner, who had managed to make googleability into a word, and had also recently been intoduced to the verb 'facebookme' so to be wordled didnt seem so bad. I agree Andy, a bit more on depth would be good, but thats what my text is for :)
    Meantime I still enjoy the fairybread approach to concept mapping, at least does the visual representation of a frequency heirachy on words used.
    I had revisited the wordle site as I'd heard it had closed down due to a copyright challenge, but its back up and running, obviously.
    I had a look at the delicious mapping tool referred to on your site Andy...but anticipate limitations there too...just coz its hooked to a lot doesnt mean its important...the cat and porn phenomena comes to delicious might just be be overwhelmed by lolcats and phd comics :)