Friday, August 07, 2009

a meme fashion victim

Visiting David Weinbergers joho blog, and followed a tail to memetracker,

MemeTracker builds maps of the daily news cycle by analyzing around 900,000 news stories and blog posts per day from 1 million online sources, ranging from mass media to personal blogs. We track the quotes and phrases that appear most frequently over time across this entire spectrum. This makes it possible to see how different stories compete for news and blog coverage each day, and how certain stories persist while others fade quickly.

My mind is just boggling as to what this one refers to
"I've got this thing and its expletive golden"
a relationship?
an investment tip?
the holy grail?
Just about covers anything.
My mum used to have a picture of the golden hand of Buddha above the doorway to the kitchen, could be that :)
Blessed all who entered her space.

The memetracker is a great idea, useful for looking at where stories evolve, and get repeated. I was surprised, for a little while, to see how highly rated and were rated when it comes to an analysis of where breaking stories are reported...but then again, anything that happens overnight gets reported earliest by those whose time clocks are advantaged.

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