Friday, July 03, 2009

feeding off uncertainties...lies, damn lies and statistics in a PhD

In this PhD the controversies continue to bubble up, ethical dilemma or research process? ANT considers it to be research process, something to feed off.
My data says one thing, the press release say another....guess its all about how to win friends and influence people, plausible promise meets 'tell me lies.'
I am telling myself not to play the sly one, to accept as latour exhorts:

"Always assume that people are right, even if you have to stretch the point a bit. A simple rule, my dear pupil, when you’re studying a project. You put yourself at the peak of enthusiasm, at the apex, the point where the thing is irresistible…never say it’s stupid. Say : If I were in their shoes, I’d have done the same thing."
(Latour, 1996, p. 36)
Meantime, I am all but doing pirouettes as a point is stretched.

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