Saturday, June 06, 2009

are we there yet?

Ive been watching google wave and am considering what it is that makes me want to share this with others. Its not because i like the ideas this product serves (i do) but its also because i like my friends and think this can make a useful adjunct to how we meet up, when we cant.
Interesting description of the change process; they took a current practice, email, and considered if it were to be developed now with whats available so how might it have been developed differently. They track what was in terms of snail mail and contrast this with the multi avenues people utilise to make this and that happen concurrently more like conversations with multi participants and multi formats, text, mindmaps, pictures, editing simultaneous actvity. They developed some software allowing conversations online to be different, multidirectional, still chronologically tracked, but also able to be edited, added too and show up on multi formats from twitter to blogger.... Damn good job they seem to have done too.
I look forward to being able to have conversations that simulate life more closely :)

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