Thursday, March 12, 2009

Phdling in cloud cuckoo land

I have misplaced my phd notes.
They are in a beautiful, light blue, embossed, tactile pleasant A4 folder.
The nature of the folder is important, there was something inherently satisfying in the beauty of the object, an object i could touch.
I had recently shifted work offices but am reasonably sure the loss postdates the move.
I had recently also cleaned out the spare room where my notes used to fight for space with wall to wall mess but is now tidied ... i suspect I put them somewhere carefully at this stage, and though the room is now accessible, the space is still not suited to PhDling.
And I have searched boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes. Just four. And under the sofas and all the usual places (under the bed, in the car) as well as rounding up the usual subjects.
Note no. 2 for the farside equivalent of a desk calendar to be written in the postdoc life for prepostdoc students: keep your notes in the cloud....scan them....pdf file them....put them into the ephemeral digital them to yourself...avoid the seduction of the terrestrial world, live and study in cloud cuckoo land, its safer.

Having one's head in the clouds, far from being a derogatory comment, is an extremely wise option, and assuming i find said notes at work in the mess of my desk, I will scan and copy as pdf and place these in the emphemeral cloud network.

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