Monday, January 05, 2009

Whats my mobile good for?

Apparently its better than many other means for identifying weather, not in a pet-rock sense (if its wet, its raining) but strength of signals (fade) is apparently an excellent source for accurate weather scanning.
And also, apparently, for exposing my very human habits.
Seems my mobile has me covered in more ways than I realised.

Given that its seen by the BBC and by Pew and Horizon reports for higher ed as a, if not the, significant player in 2009, I will maintain my current symbiotic relationship, even though s/he is now appearing somewhat developmentally challenged...

The BBC item identifies that there are 3 billion mobiles in the world to 1 billion PCs, my prediction for 2009 is that they will breed more prolifically and have smarter protege.

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