Monday, December 08, 2008

Ascilite08 paper; Cn I jus txt, coz I don wan 2b heard

I've attached the paper I gave at Ascilite08 here; its a taster of what I've been studying. In retrospect i attempted to cover too much :)
Haxell, A. (2008). Cn I jus txt, coz I don wan 2b heard: Mobile technologies and youth counseling. In Hello! Where are you in the landscape of educational technology? Proceedings ascilite Melbourne 2008.

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  1. Hi ailsa .. I am here reading your posts and I printed this one. You have taught me something about ANT (I was wondering what it means, now I know). You have got some thinking haooening in me.

    Excellent question: who is acting when we act? who is using us?
    I love your mobile stories, I should byu a new mobile but I cannot even ask what I want etc.