Monday, November 17, 2008

up close and personal, intimate relations with my blog

My blog seems to want me to get up close and personal; to get inside the blackbox and learn about its internal functions involving html code intimate like. I dont have the time for this level of intimacy.
Is my relationship in danger?
Seems i have developed a rash, of white stripe proportions.
Hope its not fatal.
Meantime i have been reading Donna Haraway,in NewScientist 21 June 2008 on an interview called the age of entanglement.... suppose the world doesnt revolve around huumans but that we are just part of a network of relationships, between...well almost anything.

to be human is always to be in a relationship with a host of others: plants, animals, humans dead living, fantasised.To be on earth is to be in a companion-species relationship in the sense of coming into being with a crowd of others, and in the sense that we shape and reshape each other into what we are.

Seems my blog wants me to spend more time with it. Am I up for this level of committment?
I am bemused by her comments on curiosity, she says that she "doesnt think its possible to be a serious person in this world without a major committment to curiosity and where it leads, but curiosity is not a nice virtue - and it never leads to innocence."
Am I ready for a loss of innocence?

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