Wednesday, September 17, 2008

learning surfing; connectivism CCK08

Today's connecting had me combine this with that, and provided me with a soloution to the large class teaching.
One of many to come, I hope.
Large class teaching just needs innovation, optimism and bodaciousness.
Works for Che Fu, Rove and Princess Leia.
Next step hologram the students?
For some more serious review, the first link had me prompted me to revisit an educator I enjoyed when i met him a couple of years back, Stephen Brookfield. The post was with regard to imposter theory. Which I dont think he has written of, or at least I couldnt find it, but I did find wikipedia on imposter syndrome insufficient.

Stephen does write of imposter syndrome in Brookfield, Stephen D. (1995). Becoming a critically reflective teacher. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

teachers often feel like impostors (p.227)

He quotes deVries’ (1993, p. 129) summary:
These people have an abiding feeling that they have fooled everyone and are not as competent and intelligent as others think they are. They attribute their success to good luck, compensatory hard work, or superficial factors. Some are incredibly hardworking, always overprepared. However, they are unable to accept that they have intellectual gifts and ability. They live in constant fear that their imposturous existence will be exposed – that they will not be able to measure up to others' expectations and that catastrophe will follow.

Keeping it real is sometimes a struggle.

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