Tuesday, November 06, 2007

actor net working

Using bubbl.us, thanks to a link on mindmapping and tracing connections on
A piece of free social software that lets me trace connections. Posting this edition, lets me demonstrate the starting phase of data collecting post ethics, in this research performance. You can move it to centre it, increase by zooming in... My posting it is more to keep a chronology going (as per Latour's suggestion of notebooks for different purposes).


  1. Anonymous4:57 AM

    Here is another really good collaborative web-based mind mapping tool that might be worth looking at comapping.com.

  2. thanks for the link, I had a look but it seems more liner than what i need for tracing an actor network.
    i like what i have with bubble.us;
    1. its free
    2. lets me any box around alot, and delete connections, and make new connections.
    Downside would be:
    the box size is preordained by text, i have no control on box shape.
    i would also like a second level of data behind the box, a space for notes.

    i am happy to explore other options...just leave me a note if you know of others that might suit me better.

  3. and just discovered that this stays 'live' on my blog, changes made at bubbl.us appear here without having to re embed the map. Might need to reshape the blog though if i want to maintain its permanence. The permanence also means i have to attend to the ethics of not making identifiable any person who has not expressed consent for being identified.

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