Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God made or man made

i struggle with such a title but mother nature, could also be placed here.
Are these memes?
I couldnt resist the contrast in imagery with my previous posting.
Feeding off the uncertainties, Latour proposes the imagery of spermatazoids that used to be considered obstinate little machos swimming forcefully toward the powerless ovule: are now attracted, enrolled, and seduced by an egg the agency of which is becoming so subtle now that it can select the good sperm from the bad.
(from fairy stories to science rendering women as passive)
Latour (in reassembling the social) is arguing that matters of fact are arguable, that there is an assembly of work required in maintaining or in moving factual beliefs. Matters of fact he more aptly renders as matters of concern, with their stabilizing mechanisms needing to be rendered (more) visible.

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