Saturday, June 23, 2007

Performance as thesis

How to write a thesis, early days yet since the data isnt collected but the ethics application is left loose enough so I am not tied only to written format.
John Law talked of one submitted in a suitcase (I can see Terry shaking his head at that one)!
But I am still concerned that the audiences for whom it is important may be alienated by thesis prose.
Some people still consider the thesis a selfish act written for the writer, and the markers, I like to think it may have greater interest.
Ann Marie Mol take on ANT, and as reminded by cj, research is a performance in its own right. But so is its reading (you never read the same book twice...or as Latour suggests you never swim the same river twice).
This piece that i got from chasing other peoples clouds
( I <3 web 2.0 )

From an interview (his last) Kurt Vonnegut:
...the novel has always been an elitist art form. It’s an art form for very few people, because only a few can read very well.
I’ve said that to open a novel is to arrive in a music hall and be handed a viola. You have to perform. [Laughs.]
To stare at horizontal lines of phonetic symbols and Arabic numbers and to be able to put a show on in your head, it requires the reader to perform. If you can do it, you can go whaling in the South Pacific with Herman Melville, or you can watch Madame Bovary make a mess of her life in Paris...


  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    The thesis is a performance a "Thank you, Conan" moment.

    Think you shouldn't fret too much over this one - most of New Zealand is going to be thinking about quite different measures of that "Thank you Conan moment" than your researched outcomes allow. But this distance will allow you to infiltrate ideas where they will have most leverage which cannot be a bad thing.
    Thank you Conan moments are captured in this exchange
    Dr. Lilith Sternin: [to Rebecca, who she thinks is having an affair with Frasier] You and I are both mature women, and I think we should handle this openly and with civility. Believe me, I could be doing you a very big favor. Frasier is not an easy man to live with. He's obsessively compulsive about neatness. The sex is good, but he pouts unless you compliment his performance. Fortunately, his male ego can be satisfied with a simple, "Thank you, Conan".

    Complete the research should be a selfish indulgence thing ... - the best things in life are unplanned and in truth unplannable - enjoy the opportunity to dance in your mind - good things will emerge - will admit that I am jealous of your mind space to indulge like this

  2. i need to watch more tv, such gems, now i'm self censoring for fear of saying thankyou arti. I have to ponder if its such a selfish act, why isnt it more enjoyable. I think this has something to do with time management coz I actually do like what i am studying.