Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am because I bebo, being visible

Feels odd to becoming more 'visible' in cyberspace, but between wikis and bebos my extraterrestial existence is expanding. My Mothers day present from my teenage daughter was assitance with bebo (so long as I do nothing uncool that can be traced). Extraordinary quality time as we parallel play on laptops!

Be ing inspired was in part from Ewen MacIntosh) on being visible.
"If you don't tell people about what you're doing online, in 2007 you don't exist, don't expect people to know how wonderful life is on your side of the fence if you haven't taken it online."
and further to this, if you work in the public centre, there's an obligation to share.
I agree, your country pays for you.

Be cause
Be cause some causes are good
I am enjoying being able to invest PhD study into a voluntary organization- how does text, e-mail counselling and message board postings contain, constrain or construct counselling for youth.

And because ITs here.
I had an email asking why we would want an online forum (happens to be blackboard) to link with each other or to place pdf files forms etc when the "I" drive does this. Its a bit like asking why would you want a computer desktop when there is a solid hardcopy desk already there. The point is that one is not just a repository. But a means of connection.
Being IT literate involves a lot more than being able to use a clever typewriter and its really sad that people with influence in the education sector and especially the tertiary education sector still do not get this.
Definitely "could do better" or a little more forcefully-
IR Improvement Required.
Us grownups in the education sector just have to get our heads out of the sand and realize that the world moves at a pace where our children need to teach us.

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  1. Anonymous4:08 PM

    A bold adventure Ailsa - and I reckon "avoiding uncool" will allow some interesting new learning conversations between parent and daughter -

    I'm tracking new conversations about the "real" effects of Web 2.0 on participatory democracy at the moment

    Think you might enjoy Can You Hear Me Now? Sherry Turkle and Who is really participating in Web 2.0? by Bill Tancer general manager of global research at Hitwise.