Monday, April 02, 2007

i am feeling decidedly post human today

Posthuman Future, an illustration by Michael Gibbs for The Chronicle of Higher Education's look at how biotechnology will change the human experience.
In getting through the oxfam training the attention to my doctoral life lapsed somewhat.I am feeling somewhat split as if cycling not through online programmes or online lives as eluded to by Sherry Turkle, but this is currently the nature of my terrestrial lives, compartmentalised, cut and pasted and patched!
(70 km this last weekend and feet with blisters on blisters that reflect this, and sadly an ethics application similarly suffering, not quite fractured but seems somewhat fractioned.
In walking though I had the blessings of having my feet, if not my soul attended to by a gift of spiritual healing from a friend, I know I felt lightened by the ministerings, but blisters are blisters and walking on them still hurts. My spiritual self has been offered txt ministerings, just text me from when your in Taupo so I can channel the energies where and when...
i just love how care is communicated through whatever medium comes to hand, or foot or soul...
Imagining that i am not a human being on a spiritual path, nor a spiritual being on a human path, but a cyborg whose spirituality can be enhanced...

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