Monday, February 12, 2007

Following the actors

My prof suggested a news feed, I couldn’t get it to work, but with the help of a colleague, got a similar one ( I think) up and running. I check it intermittently (gone are the times I check it multiple times a day). Now I attend to the feed a few times in as many weeks, but in doing so I got fed a link to a site with another link to a pdf on an article (I just love these connections to further connections). I might not have read it otherwise. But a 2005 article on journalism by Fred Turner, in Sociology epistemology provoked the following as an application of ant in my own field of study:

Currently most research into communications for health professionals is deeply attached to the (modern as opposed to post modern) notion that health professionals teach health professionals how to communicate. There appears a separation between professional and lay, staff and patients, caring and being cared for. New media however erode these distinctions. By placing an emphasis on actors, actor network theory provides a lens for seeing relationships differently. The ‘actors’ are no longer exclusively human, and the arbitrary boundaries created in labeling become less important as the focus shifts to performance.

I have a passion, or at least an interest in, these multiple performances; how is each performed differently? What happens when a lay population communicates care? What happens when care is communicated to (pushed to) a novice population of health professionals? And what happens when care is pulled down (asked for) by at risk youth?

This doesn’t seem as coherent today as I would like it to be, but if I practice the writng, it continues to evolve…
And to use a turn of phrase from artichoke that grappling without lust might be unethical surely then to grapple (with at least a modicum of love or passion) might just assist in getting an ethical application off the ground....

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  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Your post might not be as coherent as you'd wish Ailsa but I am captured by how what you are thinking about aligns with the "Based on what you have told us so far .." presentation I gave at Learning at School this week.

    In a Maria, the lonely goatherd and the children moment I explored the trade hall proliferation of "must purchase now" OLE's alongside Josie Fraser post on the meanings in Personalisation.

    The photos of bicycles in Beijing helped a lot but I reckon the moment I captured them was when I sung "High on a hill was a lonely goatherd" unaccompanied.

    Institutional provision and procedure> enabling the learner to engage with the institution (customisation) > supported by the system but determined by the user - are easily tweaked into the context of communication contexts for health professionals.

    At least I think they are ... perhaps its just the "Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo" affecting my thinking

    Must lie down somewhere cool - am exhausted from all that conference necessitated schmoozing