Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Managing change in educational contexts

A presentation pointed to via Stephen Downes, and traced down to Andrew Churches
at educational origami, where there is further acknowledgment to a paper by J. Thousand and R. Villa, called Managing complex change towards inclusive schooling.

Nice thing about the model is in pointing toward what gaps might be addressed.
As with any model it oversimplifies.
There can, of course, be combination effects and compounding effects.
And how gaps get addressed will be more important than diagnosing or pathologising.

So I've reread some Latour and reconsidered change in terms of design/ and redesign.
"Drawing things together takes a work of alchemy."
There is some gold in here, but its not within a model that is deficit oriented.
The model depicted would fit with a top down led model such as diffusion of innovation where hastening a change is also based on the premise all change is good...
There might be good reason for being anxious...

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