Monday, February 19, 2007

the quality of magic is strained

I became accutely aware last week of my disability and vulnerability as a cyborg; the sense of impending doom when my imac faded and would not spark- a 15 minute evolution for 'life' to boot up again and a hurried backup of everything precious onto discs and cyber spaces. (Only when studying can 'everything precious' take on such weirdness).
And now constrained; no wireless network, a pod involving half a dozen passwords, a samsung pc, internet explorer and blogger seems especially clutsy today. (Could of course be me, a lack of sleep for fear of missing flights and heat that this kiwi is not used to that compounds feelings of flightlessness).
However, one ethics application is well underway and two more will follow suit. An aggragation of things is needed for such change to occur- the absence of 'work' and other such distractors of a real world, allows for a surreal existence more congruent with being a student. I am however twice blessed- not only do i have study in this alternate reality- i also have Melbourne.

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